We can count on JoAnn DeBartolo to fight for President Trump and our Conservative values Full-Time

JoAnn DeBartolo has been at President Trump’s side since the beginning of his grassroots movement that forever changed the Republican Party and America.  JoAnn shares President Trump’s Pro-Life and Pro-American values.  JoAnn was the Chairwoman of the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign in Collier County before Trump trounced his opponents in the 2016 Florida Presidential Preference Primary.  That didn’t make her popular with many local Party “Establishment” Republicans who only jumped on the Trump Train reluctantly.  Now the same people are unhappy that JoAnn is running to be our State Committeewoman because she is challenging their hand-picked incumbent, Jan Face Glassman, an Abortion-Rights Activist and Part-Time Floridian. Only a few dozen people, the members of the Collier County Republican Executive Committee, were eligible to vote for the current State Committeewoman because they were filling a vacancy.  Fortunately, this August all 108,000 Republican voters will get a chance to vote for our next Republican State Committeewoman.  Let’s send a clear message by electing JoAnn DeBartolo, a Full-Time Conservative, Pro-Trump, Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment Floridian who will defend our values!

The power of the Office of Republican State Committeewoman:

Our Republican State Committeewoman has an important say in determining the leadership and mission of the Republican Party as a member of Executive Board the Collier County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC) and as a voting member of the Republican Party of Florida (RPoF).  She is one of three people from Collier County who can vote for the next Chairman of the RPoF.  Our next State Committeewoman will also be one of only three people from Collier County who will vote for the delegates who represent Florida at the Republican National Committee Convention in 2024.

Why should this matter?

Control of the Republican Party’s leadership and platform begins at the precinct and county level.  In 1996 RINOs like William Weld and Christine Todd Whitman, backed by big money donors, made a serious effort to remove the Pro-Life plank from the Republican platform.  They wanted to redefine what our Party stood for.  They failed because of thousands of conservative and Pro-Life state committeemen and committeewoman from across American had picked the delegates who attended that convention.  Here is how the RNC Coalition for Life describes the 1996 RNC platform battle:  “We organized and elected Pro-Life delegates to county, district and state conventions which resulted in a majority of Pro-Life Delegates who attended the National Convention and unanimously adopted the Pro-Life plank.”

We MUST elect Pro-Trump leadership of the CCREC:

The leadership of the CCREC must reflect Collier County’s strong support of President Trump, but too often it seems that some of our county’s Republican leadership feel the need to apologize for supporting him.  The current Chairman of the CCREC admits that “President Trump’s New York street language” often “confronts” his “Minnesota Nice upbringing.”  Only one member of the current Executive Board has attended ANY Patriots for Trump Club events since the club’s formation in 2016, and none have participated in ANY Trump phone banking sessions, sign waving rallies or debate watch parties under JoAnn’s leadership as the Trump County Chairwoman.  This is unacceptable and MUST be changed in the August primary.  Electing JoAnn as our next State Committeewoman will give each of us a voice in (and an eye on) the Executive Board of the CCREC.  Electing JoAnn will be an important first step in assuring a solidly Pro-Trump leadership of our county Republican Party.

JoAnn’s opponent is a Full-Time RINO and part-time Floridian

JoAnn’s opponent is a Party operative with a long history campaigning for Pro-Choice candidates and causes.  She has touted her membership in Republican Majority for Choice, supports Republicans for Choice and has given money to The Wish List, a Pro-Choice PAC.  Fortunately, JoAnn’s opponent won’t be able to do too much damage in Florida if she is elected to be our Republican State Committeewoman because she is likely to spend much of her time in New Hampshire as the Chairwoman of New Hampshire’s Maggie’s List chapter.  (A Full-Time Floridian is the Maggie’s List Florida Chairwoman.)