My Opponent: Jan Glassman

Concerning the Open Secrets donations, Jan Glassman donated to Jeb Bradley a New Hampshire Senator who, along with Jan, supports Pro-Abortion groups such as The Republican Majority For ChoiceRepublicans For Choice as well as Christine Todd Whitman’s It’s My Party Too! 

Some of the Donations Made by Jan Glassman:

JoAnn will be a FULL-TIME State Committeewoman.

Jan SPLITS her time between here & New Hampshire.  In fact, concerning Maggie’s List, Jan is STILL the State Chairman in New Hampshire!

Breitbart  –  February 25, 2015

Jan Glassman  –   Associated Press  –  July 16, 2015              

Jan Face Glassman

The current State Committeewoman for the Collier County GOP, is a lot less pro-Trump and pro-America than she would like you to believe.

Radical Islamist tied to Jan Face Glassman’s campaign

Days after reporting about the radical Islamist tied to Jan Face Glassman’s campaign for Collier County GOP State Committeewoman, The Central Florida Post has been flooded with threats and calls to kill writer’s dog.